Most Singaporeans are aware of the need to sign an employment contract that details the contract of service. However, for those interested in finding an easy source of income in Singapore, it is even easier to fall for job agencies attempting to exploit eager workers.

Firstly, many agencies charge fees for interviews and processing of documents. While this is sometimes legitimate such as in the case of vetting a migrant worker’s documents, some agencies charge exorbitant prices hoping that these workers do not realise that they are being exploited. Even if workers realise their situation, they may not have the choice to return back to their country as they may already paid a large sum to travel to Singapore for work.

It may then be unsurprising that these workers tend to suffer from poor working conditions and late payments on their salary. While foreign workers can make a complaint to the Ministry of Manpower(MOM), Transient Workers Count Too(TWC2), a well-known organisations trying to improve the conditions that migrants workers face, stated that the chances of them finding work after their making these complaints are low and that employers rarely hire workers willing to fight back.

Unfortunately, even young Singaporeans looking for part-time jobs can fall prey to these agencies. Firstly, agencies are rarely incentivised to find jobs that suit a candidate’s preferences. Recruiters already profit if interview fees are charged but agents can earn commissions if candidates accept job offers. These agents may be quick to call and persuade candidates to accept these positions regardless of whether they are actually suited for it.

In this situation, they are unable to quit immediately or they may be required to pay the recruitment agency for inconveniencing them.

Thus, for young people interested in finding part-time jobs, applying directly is recommended. However, if applying for a part-time job seems difficult, looking at the reviews of a recruitment agency can help prevent interested young people from being taken advantage of.

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