With the new COVID-19 Situation dashboard revealing more information about cases in Singapore, users can find out the number of pending cases, number of people already discharged but more importantly, the number of confirmed cases as of today which currently stands at 85. This number can be further broken up to different clusters which show how several were infected within the same period of time. The details below show how recent cases have occured as of 21st February 2020.

Grand Hyatt: 3 infected

In January, British firm Servomex had held a conference with several of its offices located in Asia and Europe in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore. With 109 employees present, one of them was an employee who came from Wuhan, which currently has over 500,000 infected in the province. As result, 3 local Singaporeans were infected but more importantly, many attendees have also returned to their own countries while infected. With 2 employees from South Korea, a British employee who may have infected several others while going to a Ski resort in France and another Malaysian employee who has infected his family.

Thus, while having resulted in the least number of infected compared to other clusters, this may be more detrimental to Singapore’s reputation.

Yong Thai Hang Medical Products: 9 infected

The store along Cavan Road near the Jalan Besar stadium was visited by Chinese tourists who were found to be infected at a much later date. As a result, 4 employees at the store were found to have caught the virus with one employee infecting her family including her husband and 6-month infant as well as their maid. A tour guide who visited the shop was also infected and had also infected her husband.

Thankfully, 3 other employees who were tested who may have potentially have caught the virus have already been discharged.

Grace Assembly of God Church: 22 infected

17 church goers were found to have been infected. As of now, investigations are still ongoing on the possbility of a “super spreader” that may have infected several other individuals who also visited the church. 5 other cases have been traced to one of these church goers at this point of time.

2 of these cases stand out with one being a National University of Singapore professor and the other a Singapore Armed Forces regular. Other potential cases are still being sought after.

Despite several being infected at the church, they have taken precautions to disinfect the church and plan to reopen soon.

The Life Church and Missions Singapore: 6 infected

2 of these cases have already been traced to have been Chinese nationals who have been infected prior to being in Singapore. However, 4 others have already been infected who visited the church located at Paya Lebar. To prevent further spread, all masses have already been suspended at the church

Seletar Aerospace Heights Construction Site: 5 infected

Construction was halted by the company in charge of the site after 5 of their employees were found to have contracted the virus. As of now, it is unclear as to how these workers were able to be infected by the virus as investigations are still ongoing but further spread was minimised by temperature screening measures that were able to identify them.

Resorts World Sentosa: 2 infected

2 staff members of Resorts World Sentosa were found to have tested positive after showing symptoms of Covid-19. As of now, the resort has placed measures such as compulsory temperature screenings for employees in a day, use of thermal scanners and increasing the frequency of disinfecting certain areas.

Imported cases: 23 infected

While 2 cases have already been linked to Life Church and Missions Singapore, there are still 21 other cases with many of these cases being made up of nationals coming from the Hubei region. It is also important to note that several of these imported cases were only discovered as they showed symptoms during their flights with some being described as asymptomatic. Many of those they have infected are included under imported cases and were immediately quarantined when discovered. So far, only the 2 cases that visited the Life church were found to not have been caught by screening and are related to specific clusters.

Victoria Junior College: 1 infected

As of now, 1 teacher at Victoria Junior College was found to have the virus. After displaying symptoms, she immediately limited her interactions with her colleagues and students. While contact tracing is still ongoing and it is not impossible, it is unlikely that the school is a cluster as so far it has been reported that attendance has not changed over the past few weeks.

Unforunately, students have faced some stigma due to concerns about the potential cluster.

Private hire drivers: 2 infected

It is unclear how but 2 cases of private hire drivers were found to have caught the virus. It is highly likely that they came into contact with a passenger who had the virus but it is unclear as to whether this individual is already quarantined.

Other potential clusters:

To ensure confidentiality, not all details about the remaining cases have been revealed. However, some details reveal that these individuals may have visited areas with high human traffic.

These locations and events include the Paya Lebar Methodist Church, Marina Bay Financial Center, FoodXchange and Chingay Parade.

As of now, these locations have only been linked to single individuals and no other cases have been linked to them. However, with ongoing tracing, it may be revealed that these areas may become clusters

With the current trend, spread of Covid-19 has not been fully contained with updates on new cases appearing everyday. However, while the number of cases has increased at a constant rate, some individuals have already recovered and discharged. With the shortage of surgical masks but increasing vigilance of Singaporeans, it is unclear whether the infection rate is likely to increase or fall over time but Singapore’s reaction to the virus has only strengthened with more measures being put in place in the public and private sectors which are likely to further improve as Singapore becomes more prepared for more potential cases.

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